Why Travel Further For Your Ideal Holiday Home and Holiday Park Location?

How many of us dream of owning a holiday home? A bolthole where adults can relax and children can enjoy a bit more space and freedom.

Perhaps the single biggest question that deters many of us from taking the plunge is ‘will I use it enough to justify the expense?’

For many families the problem has been overcome by buying a property within easy reach of where they actually live – sometimes just a few miles from their own home.

“I guess some people are surprised when we tell them about our holiday home” says Carole Flavelle who lives in Truro. “But buying a caravan just ten miles away from our home in Cornwall was one of the best lifestyle decisions we’ve made.”

This particular park is popular with families from all over the country who love the location directly on one of Cornwall’s top surfing beaches. But for the Flavelles it’s just a twenty minute drive from their own home.

“At first we used the caravan as a sort of glorified beach hut,” Carole continued. “We came to enjoy the beach, the surfing and a round of golf. But it rapidly became a real home from home. It’s a great place to relax, meet up with friends and enjoy spending time with our family.”

Two years ago the Flavelles upgraded their holiday home to a Swift Chamonix with a fantastic view of the sea.

Their spacious new caravan has all the benefits of contemporary interior styling with full height patio doors opening onto decking – perfect for barbecues and enjoying the glorious views. Inside, there’s an open plan living area with a well-fitted kitchen, free-standing furniture, two bedrooms and room for extra guests on the sofa bed. Plus of course, a roomy shower and separate loo.

Whilst initially people couldn’t understand why they’d bought the caravan, now the couple’s closest friends have bought one too!

So are the Flavelles unusual in buying a holiday home so close to their own home?

Not according to figures which state that the majority of holiday home owners live less than two hours drive away from their holiday home and some even closer.

Whilst initially this might be surprising, research carried out recently amongst new owners revealed some very sound reasons for buying so close to home.

Holiday home owners use their caravan almost as an extension of their own home. Visiting grandchildren and family can stay on the same static caravan parks with the added attraction of all the facilities and activities on offer.

And for many families it’s a place where the children can enjoy all the benefits of being on holiday for the whole of the long school holidays – whilst remaining close enough to home for a working parent to commute.

For some people it’s all about the flexibility of making a spur of the moment decision to spend a night at the caravan.

“Sometimes we just pop to the park for a night out”, said Alan Webber, who owns a holiday home at Devon Cliffs, twenty minutes drive from his home in Exeter. ‘We keep food and clothes in the caravan so if we decide to stay everything we need is there. Initially we thought of buying in Cornwall, but we were concerned that the drive would mean we’d only use our holiday home occasionally.”

Their purchase proved a popular choice, not just for Alan and wife Barbara but also his extended family of children and grandchildren who regularly visit the park. With nightly entertainment at a choice of three venues, a cafe bar and restaurant plus a swimming pool and spa it has plenty to offer even just for an overnight visit.

So what are the costs of owning a caravan holiday home and how does it compare with a traditional holiday cottage?

With prices from less than 15,000 pounds, no legal fees, stamp duty or surveys it’s a very tempting – and instant – proposition. A cash deposit of 3000 can usually secure a holiday home costing 14,995 pounds.

Top of the range caravan holiday homes in a prime location can cost up to 75,000 – 85,000 pounds. Expect full contemporary styling with heating, double-glazing, ensuite facilities, beautifully fitted kitchens, free-standing furniture and views! Many caravan parks also offer exclusive facilities for owners.
Whilst it’s possible to recoup some or all of the costs through sub-letting, most people buy to improve their lifestyle and not as a financial investment.

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How to Sell Your Home and Keep Your Sanity

Selling a home can be a nerve-wracking experience. From constantly keeping a clean, show-ready house to dealing with late night calls from realtors, it adds up to a high stress factor. To learn how to sell your home and keep your sanity in check, keep reading.

1. Get Out Sometimes

While still staying relatively close to handle potential offers from prospective buyers, many homeowners opt to get out of town while selling their homes.

If you have a particularly busy schedule of open houses or your agent is planning an aggressive series of shows, consider taking the kids and heading out for a few days. Whether you stay in a hotel or visit the grandparents, this can be a great way to step away from the real estate jungle and keep your house clean.

2. Start Packing

Preparing for an upcoming move by packing provides two benefits. The first is that you’ll be clearing away clutter and personal effects, therefore making your home more open to potential buyers.

The second benefit of getting started on your packing is that it’ll provide an outlet for your energy as you prepare for an upcoming move. Even if you haven’t purchased your next home, the act of packing can help you mentally prepare.

3. Do Something Extra

If your house isn’t selling as quickly as you’d like, ask your agent frankly what you can do to improve your home’s attractiveness to buyers. That person will likely be able to suggest a number of cosmetic changes you can make to woo buyers.

For example, a fresh coat of paint can open up the living room while new window treatments can really brighten your kitchen. Little tips like this will not only increase the likelihood of an offer, but they’ll also keep you busy.

4. Minimize Show Frenzy

Too often when selling a home, the agent calls ahead and then everyone runs around frantically trying to clean up clutter and get out of the way. You can minimize showing frenzy by providing discreet storage for clutter like mail and newspapers, having a daily cleaning routine, and keeping your family on top of tasks such as making the beds and keeping their rooms clean.

5. Choose an Agent You Like

Many homeowners recommend that you select an agent who gets result, but it’s also important to choose an agent whom you actually like. From planning for open houses to navigating negotiations, you’ll be spending a lot of time with your agent. So, it’s important to work with someone you enjoy on both a professional and personal level.

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